Terms & References

Terms of reference: The Pacific Institute South Africa (Pty) Ltd (TPI) and participants in development and training programs. 

We propose the following terms with reference to a summarized proposed engagement between The Pacific Institute South Africa (Pty) Ltd and yourself or representative Company in terms of development and training programs for individuals and organisations: 

  1. All confidential information and intellectual property remain with the originator of the intellectual property. Both Parties agree that the information discussed is confidential in respect to market competitiveness and agree to the non-disclosure of this confidential information, whilst recognizing that information freely publicly available falls outside the non-disclosure agreement. 
  2. Both Parties recognize the intention to support the broader community through the application of these techniques and agree that bilateral open communication and transparency are key requirements for this engagement, restricting the signatories rights in terms of free market principles to non-compete in specified instances within defined groups of individuals, markets and sectors, and organisations within these markets. 
  3. No party may act in a manner that leads to direct or indirect circumvention of the other Parties existing relationships and commercial interests with named partners, customers and other third parties. 
  4. All disputes will be addressed as far as reasonably practicable using Alternative Dispute Resolution including conciliation, mediation and negotiation to resolve differences between persons within TPI and representatives of yourself or representative Company. 
  5. TPI services are protected by propriety rights and are focused on Mindsetting technologies for Personal and Leadership development, Well-being and resilience, Organizational Culture and Business Diagnostics, Strategy development and execution, which are delivered in a blend of synchronous and asynchronous delivery methods including face to face and digital engagements. 
  6. TPI will support your development in User-Accreditation of our services within the context of your organization. 
  7. The Pacific Institute’s services will be charged in accordance with an agreed upon proposal. 
  8. Both Parties are entering into this engagement in good faith, have disclosed all material facts, have no willful withholding of information that might be considered prejudicial to the other Party and commit to a mutually beneficial working relationship based on the principles of open communication, transparency and trust.