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  • Embarking on the Ship of Change January 31, 2022
    We like to think that the subject of “change” is something “new” or at least too familiar to our lives today. The human mind has been trying to grasp “change” for a very long time. Borrowing from a very old Roman, “The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” Thank you, […]
  • The Power of Your Word January 28, 2022
    How good are you at keeping agreements . . . with yourself? Think about this, for a moment. If we have been doing our jobs right this past week or so, you probably had an exciting time, experimenting with this whole new world of goal-setting. Are you working with each of them twice a day? […]
  • Fulfilling the Promise January 27, 2022
    We have one more step to take, as we integrate our goals into our future reality. But first, pat yourself on the back for getting your goals set. This is a tremendous accomplishment! And don’t worry (which really is negative goal-setting) if you haven’t yet completed the goal-defining assignment. Goal-setting is a life-long “homework assignment.” […]
  • The Road to Achievement January 26, 2022
    Today, we are going to take our new “wants” and turn them into meaningful, attainable goals. We are going to define our starting point and our end-point, in order to create the path to goal achievement. To practice, take one of your Growth Wheel sections. Perhaps one that is always important to you is Family. […]
  • Managing Your Focus January 25, 2022
    There’s a further step we need to take, with the new goals we are uncovering from our growth wheels. We want to make sure that our new goals fit in with who we know we are. We also need to check to make sure our goals fit together, in order to move us forward. When […]
  • Figuring Out the Path January 24, 2022
    The experience of “mind wandering” can be a lot of fun. With no restrictions, letting your mind wander, you are engaging in a little mental relaxation that should leave you refreshed. The good news is that this process is reusable and recyclable, any time you sense a little confusion in your life. Today, let’s do […]
  • Beginning the Process January 21, 2022
    How about we turn those old New Year’s Resolutions into an old-fashioned parlor game? To start, let’s go back a bit, and build upon the themes that have been introduced since the beginning of the month. You are going to walk through a process of vision-setting and goal-setting that will stand you in good stead […]
  • Day In, Day Out Gratitude January 20, 2022
    It seems to be a part of human biological functioning to take good things for granted, especially those good things that are a part of our day-in, day-out lives. We are so used to them that they become background noise instead of the blessings they really are. You see, there is actually a part of […]
  • Learn Every Day – Live Happier January 19, 2022
    Do you find yourself resisting learning something new? Do you come up with all sorts of excuses why you haven’t tackled something you haven’t done before? All of us are born with a natural and active curiosity. So why is it so many of us grow up resisting learning? Why do so many people look […]
  • Mental Time Travel January 18, 2022
    Our awareness of the future is inseparable from the search for meaning and purpose in our lives. Through our imagination, we create images that allow us to envision our possibilities in time yet to come. These images become a larger framework through which we identify ourselves, and our place in the world. However, if we […]