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Welcome to The Key Facilitator Accreditation Process (FAP). There are three lanes to the FAP which need to be completed prior to your three-day Facilitation Training face to face.

  • Facilitator Fundamentals
  • Core Curriculum
  • Walk The Talk

These lanes can all be accessed through your profile on the The Key Learning Space and contain all of the knowledge and information you will need to prepare for facilitating.

By the end of these units, you will need to have:

  • Familiarised yourself with the videos and slide decks – how to access them for delivery
  • Prepared your allocated units – (one for Phase 1 and one for Phase 2) that you will deliver during the training – refer to the Facilitator Manuals.
  • Located (in the Facilitator Manual) and prepared your Experiential learning cycle exercise – Refer to the Kolb cycle for the theory behind the Experiential Learning cycle (ELC)
  • Created a lesson plan for yourself – refer to the full outline in the Facilitator Manual to achieve this outcome.
  • Read through the Facilitator Feedback template – this is the document that will be used both for self-assessment and for feedback purposes.

Walk The Talk

The walk the talk Lane ensures that you create a practice of putting your learning into action. You will be progressing through a series of audio assimilation units, with self-reflections which embed the core concepts.

We believe that our facilitators need to drink our own champagne before expecting others to do so. It will provide you the opportunity to capture your own thoughts.

This will be a highly insightful and personally satisfying process. The more you invest in it, the more you will take out.