Ensure Change


Ensure Change, as its name suggests, is a framework that enables, individuals, organisations and teams to tangibly measure how they:

• Identify,

• Create,

• Deliver,

• Enable and

• Track

the value they want to bring to their staff, teams, clients and to their market and communities. By so doing they ensure that change has been achieved by defining and measuring that impact has been realised.

Through a series of facilitated processes, you are able to:

• Map your ambitions – set and prioritise your goals

• Assess what is your ability to achieve the goals set – Do you have the right conditions or culture; what is your readiness to deliver on the goal; how you steward resources: technologies & people

•  Align people, task and technology to move towards achieving the goals and vision of the organisation, to then

•  Track your progress in implementing your strategy or agreed on set of actions and activities.

Ensure Change – Celebrations

It is with great excitement that we launched the Ensure Change Framework® with a client this year. Our client is passionate about creating homes for individuals and families.

Starting off with a series of Culture and Ability BluePrint™, the Exco team is now completing their SOAP – Strategy On A Page, and developing their Horizon 0,1,2,3 model with our consultants.

With any launch, there is so much to learn. So as we roll it out, we are also developing and documenting the case study. It’s exciting to be developing and creating content, which allows us to experience the process in-the-real, refine it and re-engage with excellence