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First Bank Nigeria


09th February 2021 

To Whom it May Concern 

In preparation for our Annual Retreat of the Board and Executive Management team in November 2018 which was themed “Building a Sustainable Workforce: Re-Igniting the Passion in our People”; it became apparent that FirstBank Nigeria, needed to hone down and redirect energies to reshaping our culture in order to deliver on our strategy. 

The Executive Management Team agreed that this could be achieved by building a talent pipeline of adaptive and agile leaders, while bridging the leadership gaps at both middle and senior management levels. 

We employed the services of The Pacific Institute in 2019, with the mandate to ignite the thinking of Executive leadership through a comprehensive leadership program. The program was to align their ways of working with a view to accelerating and harnessing the collective capabilities and energies of the next layer of leadership as a first phase towards achieving our people strategy. 

The Pacific Institute delivered their Leadership Mindset program to our 17 Executives and Thought Patterns for High Performance 5.0 to our 52 senior managers. 

The program was very well delivered and had the attention of the senior-most leaders of the bank for a fully committed three-day period. The outcome was phenomenal as Leaders discovered new things about themselves not only during the session but also through the One-on-One coaching sessions that followed. The comprehensive view of the impact of the collective leadership was another eye-opener that surprised but pleased us, as we realised how cohesive the team was and how our behaviours impacted our teams and the way the bank delivered on its scorecard. 

The Thought Patterns program was an awakening of the second level of leaders and equipped them not only with new information about themselves individually and as a team but also taught them how to hold their leadership accountable whilst managing their teams with a new perspective. 

The work so far with The Pacific Institute has been worthwhile as it was scientific and logical so was acceptable to senior management, whilst creating opportunity to transit the learnings even to personal lives whilst creating the change that delivered a stronger team. 

We are keen to continue working with The Pacific Institute in order to recalibrate our learning and progress against our starting point in 2019, and to drive productivity and engagement across the Bank. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me at or give me a call on either +233246529185 or +2349079999039 should you require any further information or insights. 

With thanks 



CDH Investment Bank Malawi

8th February 2021
To Whom it may concern


CDH Investment Bank limited is a leading Investment Bank in Malawi and is a subsidary of Continental Holdings, a fast growing Financial Services Group. In 2020 the Pacific Institute was requested to deliver Strategies for Leadership Mindset for the Executives of Continental Holdings Limited, Continental Asset Management Limited and CDHIB Investment Bank Limited.

We can confirm that The Pacific Institute delivered a highly professional leadership process which was further enhanced by critical data and application coaching. Our organization is very satisfied with the outcomes and as  a result, they are engaged in further work with the Institute. 

Yours faithfully Ivy Kwatiwani Chief Human Capital Development Officer