Leadership In Action – New Attitude for 2021

Leadership In Action – New Attitude for 2021

In our core education, we simplify the concept of attitude to its foundation: Are you leaning towards something or are you pulling away? As we reflect back on 2020, and look forward to 2021, what is your attitude going to be? How will you model that behavior as you Nurture Growth in your team?

The stronger we lean in (positive) or pull away (negative), the more emotion you experience around the situation. The more emotion we put into something the more energy we are spending on it. If there is something that you pull away from because it is not who you are, how much energy do you want to use up? Is the expenditure of negative energy worth it? If expending that energy is of no value to you, why do it? Instead, why not shift to a neutral attitude or even slightly away.

The replacement picture is where you want to spend your energy. Leaning into what you want creates a surge of innovative ideas. The energy level of you, and your team, takes a significant leap upwards. The awareness of new options opens up and allows all team members to see beyond the immediate. Embracing these new possibilities Energizes Action throughout the organization.

So, what do you want to put your emotion and energy into for 2021? Reflecting on your own leadership philosophy, and the goals that you have for 2021 and find the one thing you really want to lean into. Do you want to adopt an “Attitude for Gratitude”? Is it working to simplify things through “Ease & Excellence”? Or do you want to create a culture of accountability with “Fess it & Fix it” or remove the silos with “One Team”? The idea behind these simple statements is focusing our attitude, to create energy in the right direction. These statements do not replace strategy or values. They do become a shorter-term focus that aligns with the values and strategy.

These statements not only describe the attitude you are taking on for 2021, but become the team mantra as the first gate in solving problems. If another department has been having problems with a procedure that involves your team, perhaps you start the conversation around the prevailing attitude. For example, “How do we create Ease and Excellence around the commission tracking system?”

So what is your new attitude for 2021? As you Connect the Dots, what is the simple phrase that aligns your team and Nurtures Growth throughout this new year?