The Pacific Institute® South Africa (PTY)Ltd
Novel Coronavirus Policy

- Update 25 March, 2020

As per President Cyril Ramaphosa’s directive, South Africa has been placed into a mandatory state of Lock-down whereby all citizens (except essential services) are required to self-quarantine for 21 days beginning from Thursday 26 March 2020 until Thursday 16 April 2020.

Furthermore, all businesses are to close their physical offices. At The Pacific Institute South Africa, we have closed our office today, 25 March 2020, however we will be operating as “normal” remotely. 

Our teams of expert consultants, facilitators and coaches are all on hand to serve our clients as normal using online diagnostics, digital platforms, online conferencing and coaching and learning.

Feel free to connect with us should you like to engage with us. Our Office line +27 011 675 5101 will still function normally and our Exco team are also available to be contacted via mobile: Sian Louw +27 79 898 2815, Errol Nembhard +27 83 679 0372, Linsey Stephan +27 83 327 7022, Greig Wegerle +27 83 236 7922.

We look forward to connecting soon digitally. 

We pray for the safety and health of you, your organisation and your loved ones during this time. 

- Establishment of Task Force.

The TPI Leader Team has set up a task force i.e. the Covid-19 Committee to assist the organisation with planning for any eventualities relating to the potential spread of Novel Coronavirus (scientifically known as SARS-Cov-2 virus) and the disease which it causes, named by WHO as Covid-19. 

The health and safety of our directors, staff, contractors, clients and visitors are of paramount importance and the potential impact which the spread of the virus may have on our staff, clients and the organisation is being taken seriously. 

The Committee presently comprises Greig Wegerle (chairman), Heidi Haasbroek (Mobilisation Unit), Olga Tshisikhawe (Administration), David Allen (Research and Communication) and further members may be added. It will meet as often as is necessary and its tasks include issuing policy directives and general information updates. 

The following policies and protocols are adopted and implemented with immediate effect. 

1. Bodily Contact and Face to Face Meetings

          1.1 The following inter-personal protocols shall apply on site at our building and at any official meetings and functions held off-site. 

          1.2 Our policy is for all directors and staff to immediately desist from all bodily contact either between members of staff or between staff and                                  clients or visitors. 

          1.3 Bodily contact includes handshaking, hugging and kissing (which is the customary way of greeting for some). 

          1.4 We will be including signage where practicable in this regard. All staff involved in receiving clients or visitors are requested to inform them on                          arrival of this policy so that no offence is given or taken. 

          1.5 We are limiting face to face client interactions as far as possible. Directors, contractors and staff are required wherever possible to use                                        electronic communications including telephone, cell-phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc. Our video conferencing facility in the meeting                    rooms space will continue to be accessible for larger Zoom meetings. 

          1.6 We will be limiting groups of people in one room to 10 or less, provided that they can be more than 1 meter apart. 

2. Disinfecting and Hygiene

          2.1 We are arranging for the public areas of our offices to be disinfected with suitable chemicals daily and in the case of meeting rooms for these to                      be disinfected after each meeting. 

          2.2 Directors and staff are encouraged to ensure that any oversight is reported immediately and that their own work spaces are at all times kept in                      a clean and hygienic condition. 

          2.3 We have installed hand sanitising dispensers at our building entrances. All directors, staff, contractors and visitors must on entry or exit use the                      hand sanitisers. 

          2.4 In addition, directors and staff are encouraged to regularly wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water throughout the day and avoid                              touching their faces without washing hands first. 

3. Travelling

           3.1 We have temporarily and until further notice suspended all work-related international travel by directors, contractors and staff. Any proposed                       international work travel will require the prior approval of the Covid-19 Committee or Exco. 

           3.2 Any personal international travel by directors and staff is discouraged and must be disclosed to the Covid-19                                                                                                 Committee before date of departure. On return, the director or contractor or staff member must self-monitor and                                           immediately seek medical help, where necessary, and notify the Covid-19 Committee if infection is suspected. 

4. Suspected Infection, Reporting and School Closures

             4.1 Any director or contractor or member of staff who suspects that they or a close family member may have come into contact with a person who                       has been confirmed as being infected with novel coronavirus or with any secondary contact with a person who has had such contact, must:

                         4.1.1 immediately report this to the Office Manager (Olga) and to the relevant director (preferably via telephone or WhatsApp) followed up                                         by email to ; 

                         4.1.2 seek medical advice and if so advised undergo medical testing and self-quarantine at home until the results are known; 

                         4.1.3 once the medical results are available, they must share them with the Committee before returning to work; 

                         4.1.4 if positive the affected person must follow the necessary medically advised treatment plan and can only return to work once cleared by                                       the medical professional in writing, as endorsed by NCID; and 

                         4.1.5 during the testing period and the subsequent outcome, the director or contractor or staff member will be placed on sick leave. 

             4.2 If schools are closed then affected staff to report to their relevant director any special arrangements. 

             4.3 Any suggestions for making the workplace safe are welcomed and can be sent to